Our translators for Hamburg

With the Hamburger Sprachschule translation service you bring the message of your texts and means of communication to the point in any language!

Whether it is contracts, texts for websites, brochures, flyers or specialised literature, internationally active companies need their texts and documents quickly and often in several different languages. We are here for you with our translation agency. We produce translations into and from all common languages. So you can communicate trouble-free and promptly with your international business partners. You are on the safe side with our translation professionals. They will reliably and professionally translate the specific terms used by you from the realm of economy, technology and science. So your message comes across!

Among other things, we offer translations from

Arabic to German

German to English

Danish to German

The costs are based on the number of lines as well as the text’s level of difficulty. We will gladly make you an offer. Simply fill out the translation form and send this to us by e-mail or fax together with the documents to be translated.