Test your Business English

The Hamburger Sprachschule placement test shows where our language trainers can start

Whether you want to learn English, Business English, Japanese, Russian or French – it all starts with our 15-minute placement test! This online language test developed by us serves to accurately ascertain the current knowledge level of participants in the respective foreign language, because we will only know where we can start with our language instruction if we know the respective language level of each participant. We will gladly advise you. We determine the concept for teaching the language on the basis of test results. Among other things, we will clarify the learning objectives, the scope of required language units and determine in which setting the language instruction should ideally take place. The choice of the right course is decisive for success in this connection. Based on our experience, in many cases it is useful to start with individual intensive training and integrate the participant or participants into an open course afterwards.

Our online test occurs in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and is available for the following languages:





Here is the link for the online placement test


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