Business English for companies in Hamburg

The language offer from our business language school is tailored to the needs of various sectors

We provide breadth and go into depth. All Hamburger Sprachschule courses take into consideration the specific issues of the respective departments in your company. As a result, we guarantee particularly efficient and sustainable learning success.


Each of the twelve business fields – ranging from sales and marketing to controlling – has its own technical vocabulary. It is exactly here that we start with teaching linguistic competence in our various language training courses. Whether you would like to learn English, Business English, Russian, French or Japanese – teaching the language always happens in the terminological context of the specialised discipline. In this way we cover a large spectrum of department-specific knowledge, but at the same time we go into depth, since every sector requires extremely special training due to its specific products and terminology.

The principle is effective yet simple: our language teachers incorporate the special terms of the respective department in their instruction. Thanks to their profound experience they accurately break down any technical subject matter into the requirements of your respective department and into the requirement profile of individual employees. For example, they practice various scenarios in tailor-made, specialised role-playing games. In connection with these everyday business situations your employees will quickly and efficiently learn to utilise the newly acquired foreign language skills.

It is important to note that we convey all levels of communication in our practical exercises. This includes the fundamentals of professional e-mail correspondence as well as the procedure of an international teleconference or an important business meal.


Your objective determines our course of instruction. In prior consultation with you and your employees we prepare individual training courses which specifically relate to your respective field or area of responsibility. Personal preferences of employees with regard to the desired style of communication are also incorporated into the work on request. In concrete terms: anyone who prefers to express themselves in writing or requires help with presentations will get a different form of instruction than an employee who would essentially like to optimise their verbal linguistic competence.


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