Foreign language courses for all companies

Our foreign language courses in Hamburg and the surrounding region range from open training courses to intensive private lessons

The course offer at the language school is specifically tailored to the requirements of companies in various sectors sizes in Hamburg and the surrounding area. That is why our spectrum ranges from open language training courses in small groups to intensive individual training courses for particularly fast learning success.


Your objective is our mission. You determine which linguistic competence your employees or you yourself should acquire within the framework of the respective foreign language course. Of course, we incorporate your sector-specific vocabulary into all teaching units. At any rate, our “just talk” principle ensures a high language proportion – and therefore fast and secure learning success. Our language teachers will also gladly come to your company!

Here is a brief overview of our course programme:

Open Training

A small group of maximum six participants – ideally from a special field with open or unlimited course duration – learns in this setting. Each teaching unit consists of two learning sections of 45 minutes each. In order to ensure optimal learning success, participants should have similar linguistic competence when getting started. Classification occurs in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Closed Training

During this language course with fixed duration, you determine beforehand which language goal your employees should have achieved within a specific time interval. Even 60 or 90 teaching units provide the participants with a secure linguistic competence which pays off for your company. Here we also undertake classification in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Individual Language Training

Do you or your employees learn best in individual private lessons? Our efficient individual language training provides the opportunity for a customised and thereby particularly efficient learning programme. Together with you we will determine the desired contents and comply with your scheduled guidelines.


Individual Intensive Training

Sometimes learning or brushing up on a foreign language has to proceed quite fast. Do you want to send an employee abroad, or does a foreign business contact require a contact in your company who has a good command of a certain language? The solution is our individual intensive language training! This means that you book as many teaching units per day and week as you would like and coordinate the dates with us.