Foreign language courses for companies in Hamburg

Our company courses in Hamburg and the surrounding region will make you and your employees fit for an assignment abroad or in daily business  

One of your employees shall be deployed in Spain, France, Japan or Russia in the medium term? Or does he or she merely have to maintain a good connection with the foreign business partner from their desk in Hamburg? Whether it concerns daily correspondence, telephone conversations or Skype conferences with foreign business partners, perfect Business English is the basis of professional communication nowadays.


We will bring all of your employees up to speed in the English language in the shortest time with our various English courses or English intensive courses. But why not also send them for instruction in the national language of the most important business partners? There is no better investment in the future of your company. Anyone who greets their partner and deals with them on the telephone in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German or in another second language expresses their appreciation in an impressive way. This creates trust and strengthens the bond.

The way is the goal! At our language school every employee will overcome their language barrier after a short time. The motto of our language school is “just talk”, because every mistake promotes progress.

We think above all in practical and goal-oriented terms. In our company courses we initially teach the fundamentals of the respective language and afterwards in the context of different business situations. Together we formulate business e-mails, conduct fictitious telephone conversations with foreign business partners or simulate international meetings. In this way your employees quickly gain a high degree of self-confidence in all relevant business scenarios which are of great importance for the external image of your company.

In a nutshell, we support your or your employees to be confident and to communicate professionally with your foreign business partners in any situation. Of course, our trainer or trainers will come to your business premises so that the training time can be utilised effectively.

We will also gladly inform you about state funding programmes such as the advanced training bonus.