Speak easily – Business English and more

Ready for international business with the business language school for Hamburg and its environ

Business English, business fluent Spanish, advanced Russian: often, well-grounded foreign language skills are the basis for economic success. Confident expression and professional conversation are indispensable in international business.


This is where the Hamburger Sprachschule comes in. Because learning languages successfully, is above all a question of method. Our method is based on flexibility and transparency, an individual learning approach and regular tests of learning success. We focus on learning, not teaching. With us practice is at the forefront, not theory. Go east, go west, go anywhere!    

Speak freely – in all languages

Our language teachers meet every course participant at their respective level, and develop an individual concept together with them, with which the greatest possible success can be achieved in the shortest time. The learners play out negotiations, and experience discussions, exactly as they would in professional practice every day. We quickly achieve the first successful results. Don’t think about it, just do it!


Set yourself new goals. Have professional success with foreign languages

We always know what level each individual course participant is at. We ask and regularly test learning success. We document this in detail. Because progress is an incentive – and allows the learners to quickly aim for new goals.


Learn the language as you need it in practice

Our language tutors provide the greatest possible flexibility. This means: learners determine the learning approach, and together with their teacher, define whether the focus should be on written expression or on conversation, whether they learn individually or in a group, whether they are taught on the screen or face to face, whether they further refine their language skills in the seminar room or in the workplace.


Achieve success. Speak, write, present

Textbooks are static – and that is exactly what we are not. We want flexibility, and we want the participants of our courses to overcome language barriers very quickly, and be able to feel confident in the foreign language. Therefore, every learner receives an individual teaching and exercise plan. Not off the peg, but tailor made. For a quick feeling of success, and noticeable progress.


Success in 5 Simple Steps

Our 5-Step method to educational success is tried and true. This approach will assist in efficiently solidifying existing skills, acquiring new skills, and applying those skills through in-class exercises with native speakers.

Teaching Unit Overview:

1. Repetition
The content of the previous lesson is regularly reexamined in order to implement that knowledge into your current speech and deepen your understanding of its use.
2. New Material
Your HSS language trainer will supply all Course Content and Course Objectives. This will consist of Vocabulary, Grammar, and Day-to-Day Language Usage.
3. Active
Our multifaceted method will address the course content on multiple levels. Whether it be through speaking, listening, reading or writing, you will be able to directly apply what you have learned through collective tasks, partner exercises and/or topic-based discussions.
4. Spontaneous
Your HSS Language Trainer will actively coach and assist you in dialogues in which you will encounter topics stemming from realistic scenarios. Through this both pragmatic and effective approach you will not only learn to utilize what you have been taught quickly and correctly, but also to shed previous inhibitions. This results in confidence and assuredness when expressing yourself as a secondary speaker!
5. Summary
To finalize each lesson, you will receive a precise overview of the newly discovered course content as well as additional material such as exercises and literature designed to also assist you in solidifying your knowledge outside of the classroom.